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Work Out Your Rental Return – An Excellent Online Tool

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Want to get Northland’s rental experts to manage a property you’re wanting to invest in? Haven’t done the maths yet? Westpac offers something nifty to plan it all – a property investment calculator.

It begins with entering the numbers of any property you’re considering turning into rental revenue. The calculator indicates what it might cost you and what your return could be now and in the future.

Head to https://www.westpac.co.nz/home-loans/calculators/property-investment-calculator/ to get your indication of rental returns.

You’ll be asked to input the following rental property information:

  • Current value of the property you’d like to buy to rent out (or you could just make the numbers up if you haven’t spotted the right place)
  • Estimated capital gain
  • Rent you’d like to charge
  • Vacancy rate each year (weeks when there won’t be any tenants or rental income)
  • Expenses, such as rates, maintenance, insurance and property management in Northland
  • Loan and loan interest rate
  • Loan repayments and duration of mortgage

The report Westpac’s calculator produces will tell you

  • Gross rental yield
  • Net rental yield
  • Capital gain
  • Annual equity and cash flow

It’ll also predict when your loan will be repaid in full so you can anticipate your cash flow anticipating massively, with much more of a yield.

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