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What The Census Means For Renters Looking for Northland rental homes

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Northland’s population is a lot larger than it looks on paper. That means a lot more people needing rentals through property management companies.

Statistics New Zealand figures put Northland’s population at over 175,000 in 2017, although the Ministry of Health’s July 2018 figures show 177,000 people enrolled in clinics up here. Unfortunately the 2018 Census hasn’t caught up on the accurate figure, yet. Northland’s District Health Board spent tens of thousands of dollars on a campaign to try maximise the number of Northlanders completing the Census, however the DHB now estimates it will lose money because of the low completion of the Census.

Image source – Stats.govt.nz

It didn’t help that – as Newsroom recently found – thousands of dwellings were missed off lists, so they were not properly visited by the Census staff whose job it was to get the census completed.

The number of rental properties available hasn’t yet caught up to the realities of Northland’s population needs, which is part of the reason Rentals.co is always keen to help people develop their property into a rental investment property. Median weekly rent in Northland has risen beyond $385 a week and hits $400 some weeks. This creates a good return for investors who use a property management company to keep their dwelling occupied.

The effect on both landlords and renters has been:

  • The national median rent has been to over $450 per week
  • Two-bedroom units in Northland are being rented for over $320 per week and there has been a 12.9 per cent increase in rent.
  • MBIE’s Tenancy Services Market Rent calculator most weeks puts the median rent for central Whangarei at $400, the median rent for Far North / BOI at $378, and Dargaville at $320.

How a one-stop-shop property manager steps in to help

Rentals.co was created from the merger of Judy Morgan Property Management and First Rentals in August 2018 with the purpose of selecting tenants with as many of their needs as possible, meaning fewer headaches for the owner. Some of Northland’s most successful property sales people are amongst the Rentals.co team, led by the highly experienced Allan Inglis, so once a property is ready to say farewell to its tenants, Rentals.co are available to help with sales. It’s essential to have online rental listings plus property managers who match good, responsible tenants with properties.

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