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Rental Properties Whangarei

Rental Properties Whangarei
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Rental Properties Whangarei

Many landlords hire a property management company to ensure all their Whangarei properties are tenanted to and rented throughout the year. Having a property agent on call gives the property owner enough free time and flexibility to focus on other important things.

They can expect a profitable income to come in consistently from their properties without the hassle of having to manage and deal directly with tenants, including late night calls.

Working with a property management company offers plenty of advantages:

Getting the Word out

Marketing your vacancies is crucial to managing a successful property rental. You could end up spending significantly more when you do the advertising yourself, but a seasoned property agent knows what to do and can get it right the first time. They can easily tap into their existing network and existing tenants looking to upgrade or downsize due to a change in their rental needs.

A property agent can do extensive tenant screening on your behalf. True enough one of the most common, yet difficult things about managing a rental unit is finding new tenants. Screening tenants can be a hit or miss. You can end up with a tenant that’s not worth the trouble.

Tenants can leave for various reasons: end of lease, eviction, or abandonment.

Once a tenant vacates the premises, with or without notice, you’ll be in a mad rush to get it occupied within 30 days. The longer it remains empty, this means no income for you, and you’ll be taking on the cost. Without a property agent focused on searching for tenants, a rental unit can go vacant for months at a time. Just imagine if a void in tenancy occurs whilst you are on holiday, or cruising round the Mediterranean.

Property agents make sure the rent money shows up in your bank account on time. It’s a cycle that repeats itself every 30 days (typically). If you live far away from your rental property, do you have time to collect rent? With a property agent onboard, you no longer need to worry about calling up your tenants because they’ll handle collecting the rental dues for you. They’ll do the direct deposit on time and send you the receipts or bank statements ready for your end of year taxes.

When a tenant has given notice and intends to vacate the property, you don’t have to be there for the sendoff. The property agent will oversee a smooth tenancy turnover. They will conduct final walkthroughs and inspections on moving out day to check for damage or any personal property left behind. They will also assist any new tenant prior to moving-in, and again, you don’t need to be there to welcome them. The role of the property agent is to make sure your rental unit is properly maintained.

One of the top conveniences of having a property agent is not getting a tenant call at 3am about a burst pipe or a busted fuse. You are spared from those kinds of stressful situations. A property agent will handle everything and any issues in between. They will ensure all repair and maintenance issues are addressed efficiently and cost-effectively. 

Property management firms are familiar with tax requirements and can provide the information in the easiest manner for your accountant. They can also help you avoid penalties. This way you save a lot of money without the hassle of doing the paperwork and filing applications yourself.

Whangarei Property Management Done Right

Most tenants respond better to an attentive property agent. Rental properties in Whangarei are in high demand and RentalsCo is the leading authority in property management.

The team at RentalsCo can help you make your real estate rental journey as stress-free as possible and even create a seamless moving-in transition for prospective Northland tenants.

RentalsCo property agents are known for being highly professional, punctual, and considerate. We are very knowledgeable within the local Whangarei real estate and rental market. 

Got a rental property in need of care? You may reach us at 09 459 7139 or email us at info@rentalexperts.co.nz and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We care about our clients. For new investors in Whangarei, we are an excellent choice if you are looking for a property management company to handle your growing property portfolio.