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Rental Experts: Four months down and years ahead!

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It was a year ago that founder Al Inglis saw a good opportunity in the market for Rental Experts come in and take care of what is now 564 properties. After months of careful planning, Rental Experts kicked off in August, with a soft entry rather than a sudden entrance. The challenge was to balance the acquisition of Judy Morgan Property Management, setting up suitable office premises, handle branding, letting all tenants and landlords know of the new relationships, not to mention banking, maintenance forms, company vehicles and staff.

It could have been a rough and impersonal rebrand, but that’s not the team’s style.

“The property management girls have been getting around each and every property,” head property manager Bronwyn Inglis says. “It was quite full-on in the beginning – especially the first month.”

“It’s now settled down and things are starting to fall into place. People are feeling confident with the properties they’ve got in place.”

“A lot of the properties have had inspections; we’ve been getting to know each property, its landlords and tenants. Trying to get around all the landlords has been time-consuming. Allan’s been really good helping in that situation. We’re slowly getting down the list; it’s been full-on with long hours, occasionally as far as 10 o’clock at night and 1 in the morning! But we are getting there.”

Landlords trust the rental experts to mind their most valuable asset while they enjoy their lifestyle in Northland, Auckland, Christchurch, Australia and every further overseas.

All the landlords were really good about the gentle transition to Rental Experts, Bronwyn says.

“They embraced it. There’s been a good reaction.”

Some of the new staff include property managers Sandie Hutchinson and Natasha Allnutt. Company director Al Inglis has brought 27 years of real estate and property development expertise to the company. There’s also property manager Ashley Inglis, who has been working with rental property for four years and before this was a personal assistant to one of Northland’s leading real estate brokers.

There’s also Fleur Dobson, who has 27 years of experience in the property management industry.

Fleur has an extensive knowledge of the Tenancy Act and new legislation, which in itself brings a new set of challenges for Landlords and requires them to have a full understanding of the impact of this on their properties.