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Property Management Whangarei: How to Address Minor Repairs in your Rental Property

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There are minor repairs, and there are major repairs. And some repairs often lead to disputes, but that's for another day.

Whangarei Landlords and Tenants: the top tip is to refer to the rental agreement, the contract has the exact details which repairs responsibilities are the landlord’s and the tenant’s.


As a practical rule of thumb: address minor issues right away. Check to it that all minor repairs in your property are properly addressed. Keep in mind that things eventually break and deteriorate. When you find a fixture or component at the end of its serviceable life cycle, there’s no way around it, replace, repair or let us know.

We all understand that things break, it’s the way it goes – it could be that this is the landlord’s responsibility and so just let the team at Rentals.Co know. You can log requests online. If you are unsure you can call us. Just make sure the team knows, so we can confirm a nice environment for you to live in.


If things usually break, then you should ask questions to the tenant. Property items should not repeatedly need repairs. They need to understand that the home in which they are living in must always be in good condition. 

Rentals.Co, within its property management here in Whangarei, ensures work on your investment property is undertaken by a professional tradesperson. We get quotes and verify the work is completed as agreed. Our tradies investigate what is causing the damage and determines if it is an external or environmental factor. As a landlord, it is important to note items have a serviceable life time. The tenants are not typically to blame. If however the tenant obviously caused the damage, they need to cover the cost of repairs under certain rules. Responsibilities should be bilateral.

Why Rentals.Co seeks all repairs to be logged

If you as a tenant caused minor damage to a property (e.g., marks on walls from moving furniture), you might have it in hand and can take care of it. But major repairs such as flooding, roof caving in, and sewage problems are definitely big issues and you’ll need to reach out and give us a call.

What about dripping pipes and taps, cracks to the plaster, or bathroom tiling? These need to be reported before they become worse. For non-emergency repairs, we look for these to be logged, investigated and fixed within 30 days. Remember – you can request for repairs online.

Don’t ignore the problems until they become costly. If you don’t report an issue and we then find out about it on our next inspection, you can be held responsible. There are cases in property management where, in self managed properties, some tenants live with property issues and don’t tell the landlord until it has reached alarming levels. This is why Rentals.Co undertakes regular property inspections. Just as it is for WOF (Warrant of Fitness), don’t wait for us to advise of issues within your rental!

Why Wait?

Your Whangarei Rental is your home. We understand that. There are many advantages to reporting minor repairs promptly; Why live with a minor annoyance such as a dripping faucet or tap? When this is repaired, you can give yourself a good night’s sleep.

Here are two of the most common minor repair and maintenance issues that Whangarei Rental Management companies deal with:

Plumbing Requests

The number one maintenance request always has to do with plumbing. A clogged drain, an overflowing toilet, water leaks, sewage bubbling up (yes, stuff of nightmares) or a broken toilet fixture.  Plumbing issues are often a cause of contention, but either way these need to be addressed.


Bugs are everywhere, but they don’t have to be in your property. You can invest in an inexpensive pest treatment program that will stop these infestations from ruining your property. If you have permission for a pet in your home, keep your animals flea treatment up to date. Your landlord will thank you, your pet will thank you and your bank balance will certainly thank you.

Rentals.Co - The Whangarei Rental Experts and property management company

Rentals.Co is here to help. We are here to support our tenants and our landlords. Whichever side of the fence you are on, you can expect us to treat you fairly and investigate fully. Our property management and maintenance is arguably the best there is in Whangarei. All we do is Property Rentals and Property Management, here in Whangarei. We have offices in the Whangarei CBD. We are reachable 24/7 for emergency property management and maintenance issues, or non emergencies during office hours. We have maintenance requests logged 24/7 through our newly launched maintenance request form. If you are a landlord or tenant, Rentals.Co can help you in renting or managing a property.

Whangarei Landlords – If you need assistance on managing your Rental Property or issues ranging from electrical to plumbing, we can help. 

Whangarei Tenants – We can ensure your rental property is a home for you and your family. Log maintenance requests and get a peaceful sleep. If you aren’t yet a Rentals.Co tenant make the switch. Give us a call and see available properties that suit your requirements.

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Please feel free to contact us for Whangarei Property Management advice.