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Northland Rental Experts Step In To House Desperate Family

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It was January 17 when a story about Zak Olsen and his wife struggling to find a Whangarei rental home hit headlines. The couple, their baby, Zak’s brother and their flatmate badly needed to rent a four bedroom home as their former landlord had opted to sell the old villa they had been living in, leaving them without a place to go and a new baby due.

When the Olsens heard about Whangarei property management company Rental Experts and reached out, the family found a new home within a week.

Zak said the brand new Riverside home was organised for the family to move into just two weeks out from eviction at their Kensington rental. Zak said he was impressed by was the efficiency of the online forms when going through Rental Experts.

“Pretty much everything was new and different,” Zak said. “You weren’t being treated as one of the hordes. With other companies you book a viewing of a rental property and you’ve got 15 minutes from the time the property manager pulls up to decide if you like it or not. They submit a long list to the landlord; cars were lining up and down the street at each viewing, whereas dealing with Rental Experts we felt like we were people again.”

Property manager Natasha Allnutt invited the Olsens to use Rental Experts’s online Tenancy Portal application form. The system allowed Rental Experts to match Zak and Jess to an ideal home – all paperless, efficient and with no travel to an office required.

“They’ve been phenomenal,” Zak said. “We filled out form for the new place, went and met the owners, and they gave us the house. After five months of looking, we had no idea who Rental Experts were but they were by far the easiest.”

“It’s because they said they wanted to keep me on file and try and find us a house – rather than a new form every time.”

“The way you are dealt with by your property management company makes you feel better about the property.

Relief from Rental Race

Zak said fighting to get matched to a rental property was beginning to take a ‘phenomenal toll.’

“We found it really hard to understand why we weren’t being chosen, even for expensive houses. We started off picky about where we wanted to live; at the end we were applying for everything.”

“You see the same people at viewing after viewing and you start to question yourself, ‘What’s wrong with me?’ We found the rental process with other companies degrading.”

On the bright side, Zak was impressed by the “lovely” property owners of the house Rental Experts found for his family.

“If they keep treating people like they do they’ll go a long way.”

Property manager Ashley Inglis said, at https://www.rentalexperts.co.nz/tenants, applicants can find good properties and put their application in front of caring property managers.