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Homes For Rent Whangarei

Homes For Rent Whangarei
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Homes For Rent Whangarei

There are as many as 600,000 households for rent in New Zealand. Finding the right one for your needs, that’s well-maintained and meets the Healthy Home Standards is crucial. Whilst the healthy homes standards has come into effect, sadly many homes still do not meet this criteria.

The Healthy Home Standards ensure that landlords maintain and upgrade the living conditions of their rental properties. These standards look after the health and well-being of occupants, making sure they are not living in cold and moldy homes. This includes annual inspections in terms of heating, insulation and ventilation standards.

A good home for tenants should come as standard. Living in a home meeting the healthy homes standard for the long-term without any health concerns is a must, you can expect lower incidences of illness when you live in a well-managed rental. Also under the latest tenancy agreement, property managers and landlords archive repair records for compliance, to ensure that the correct work has been done by a professional to meet the NZ Healthy Homes Standards.

Investing in a Rental Property

The majority of the wealthiest people around the world have secured this financial freedom from the real estate industry. This outstanding result has become one of the foremost reasons why people consider investing in rental properties.

And when they do finally purchase that rental home, they may find that the reality of its upkeep can be challenging. As a newfound landlord, you’ll need a broad range of skills from understanding essential tenant principles to more practical skills like fixing a leaky faucet. To keep up with tenant requests, you need unwavering dedication. But to become efficient and successful, you can simply hire a property management firm with a proactive approach to client service and with a known database of quality tenants.

A Tough Break

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As many landlords face a loss of income due to the current and unexpected global crisis, particularly those letting out their rentals through AirBnB, more properties will find their way to tenants looking for fixed term and longer tenancy agreements.

If you are a previous AirBnBΒ  host, let us find ways to offset this loss of income you are now experiencing. We know this is a difficult time for everyone, but it is also the perfect opportunity to be creative and strategise with you about your rental property.

At RentalsCo, we manage all types of properties across Whangarei, from amazing single homes to upscale properties, all of which meet the NZ healthy home standards. We are eager to assist investors with real estate rental management needs.

Our property management services include tenant advertising, screening and placement. Regular rent collection and direct deposit to property owner accounts, leasing, lease renewal, property preparation and maintenance.

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We love properties. We love tenants and meeting them in person. If your property is in Whangarei, we would love to work with you. Consider us for both your short, fixed and long-term investment goals in Whangarei.

Call us today to schedule a consultation, that’s RentalsCo 09 459 7139 or email us to give us an idea of your current situation and we will contact you. info@rentalexperts.co.nz