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Going Away As Christmas Comes?

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To keep the property safe and free of burglars over the summer, when many of us are at the bach, boat or beach, we have a few tips you may not have considered.

Yes, keep the mailbox clear to indicate that you’re home, and make the house look occupied with a car in the driveway. But Rentals.co has prepared a few extra tips you may never have considered…

Don’t turn off the water if you’re going away

If you switch the water off and forget to turn the boiler off, the boiler’s element may burn out. Don’t bother switching the water off. Your boiler will conserve heat and energy.

Plastic gets brittle in the sun. Don’t leave vulnerable things exposed.

Some deck chairs, cheap tables or cheap toys may suffer if left exposed to the elements while you’re on holiday.

Gift Packaging: could it be inviting burglars?

Dates and times for recycling and rubbish collection are delayed over the holiday period. Leaving packaging out on the street could indicate to potential burglars exactly what expensive stuff you have inside. Perhaps shred the cardboard, burn it or bin it.

Curtains and blinds open or closed?

Valuable stuff will be out of sight if you keep the curtains closed, or at least mostly-closed.

Make your valuable items less valuable by removing key components

It could be that you make an item less alluring by separating something essential from it. Perhaps separate the remote control and power cable from the TV; maybe separate the laptop cord from the laptop, or the chargers from the tablet. Electrical gear can seem less appealing without its battery pack. And most bicycle seats are removable, so why not separate the seat from the bike.

If you’re going to brag on social media about being away from home, why not set the post to private.

And perhaps it’s not the best idea to upload photos of your most-coveted gifts.

Christmas roof lighting: don’t run the cables through your window

An open window is an invitation for a burglar to enter.

A list in time saves nine

Before you go on holiday, make a list and check everything off as you ensure you have left nothing in the house on which could start a fire, from candles to oven to elements. Double-check taps and blockages over sinks.

Contacting everybody

Landlords and tenants should ask their property manager to do a drive-by occasionally. If the property manager agrees, it’s a great way to keep the relationship open and healthy.

Also, sharing up-to-date contact details between everybody is important.

What happens if a tenant wants to give notice and leave the property over summer?

The property will need to be checked and the bond return form signed by the agent – which is difficult if staff or tenants are hard to locate.

Smoke alarms

These are extremely bothersome for the neighbourhood if and when they malfunction. It may be wise to replace batteries before going on holiday.