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Agent Fees Whangarei

Whangarei property agents
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Property demand around Whangarei has grown steadily. Increasingly, property owners around the area, reap the rewards of their investment by renting out their properties.

Having a rental unit in Whangarei is a good way of putting your investment to work, a steady net income from rentals is a great wealth builder. But before any of that can happen, you need to attract good tenants and aim for low vacancy rates throughout each tenancy cycle.

Renting a house to tenants involves many processes and can be an added burden to most landlords. To ease the weight of their responsibilities, landlords should turn to property management agencies to ensure they attract good quality tenants and meet their legal obligations as landlords.

What can Property agents do for you?

Whangarei property agents can offer a range of services depending on a property owner’s needs. Starting with finding tenants to fill in the vacancies, screening them. and customizing a tenancy agreement when you find the right one. Legal paperwork can be overwhelming at times, but with a seasoned property management agency, you can be rest assured that they will handle all of these for you with ease.

The rental property business comes with many difficulties; it doesn’t end once you collect the fees from the tenant. That’s just one area letting agents are very good at, and for some property agents rent collection is a specialised service they offer.

Under a tenancy agreement, a property management agency is given the task of handling properties under a specific period, they must ensure they rental is well-maintained and secure for tenants. They also handle tenancy turnovers and conduct a final walkthrough or inventory of the property as well as in tenancy checks.

This service involves sourcing the tenants appropriate for your type of rental property. Letting agents may proactively advertise the rental unit by uploading photos and floor plans either through online or in newspapers. Once a tenant has been found, the agent will undertake assessments and background checks, as well as drawing up the tenancy agreement and ensuring the deposit is lodged appropriately.

After successfully bringing in a tenant, the landlord will then be responsible for all other aspects of the home rental business which includes rent collection, property maintenance, and deposit dispute. 

With full service property management, as a landlord all you have to do is sit back and relax. You will be required to do one small thing every month, check your bank account for the monies collected. Of course, problems may arise now and then, but you will only be bothered with major issues that you need to sign off on, and that legally, property agents can’t decide on without consulting you first.

Since this service is all about completely managing the property, the agent fees in Whangarei ranges around 10-15% of the monthly rent collected.  With property management agent fees in Whangarei, commission rates vary between agencies.

This service is suitable to all landlords, not just those who are living away from their properties or have investment portfolios to take care of. By using full service property management from a reputable company you no longer need to worry about legislation changes, minor repairs and leaks, tribunals if the tenant won’t leave and rent collections.

Get your rental property here in Whangarei seen by the best tenants.

RentalsCo is the leading professional property management agency for residential and commercial units in Whangarei. We help you grow the potential of your investment property. RentalsCo undertakes tenant screening, full accounting, rental asset valuation and management. Call us RentalsCo at 09 459 7139 or email us at info@rentalexperts.co.nz to inquire about our property management services across Northland.