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Advice for Whangarei renters – how to move to a new place and get your mail forwarded

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Last year’s Massey University Residential Market Report, which tracks average rents and rental bond numbers, shows fewer first-time home buyers are a result of deposit values rising out of reach.

Rents have increased steadily over the past five years in almost all parts of the country, with the average national rent increasing by 25.5 per cent, especially in touristy areas like the Mackenzie District where average rent was up 93.5 per cent over five years.

For anybody Northlanders shifting house, perhaps within the region or moving here for the first time, you’ll want to know some tips to ease the experience. Here’s some reliable advice from your Whangarei rental property experts.

Redirecting your mail so you don’t miss out

NZ Post redirecting the mail can be done for around $17 at https://www.nzpost.co.nz/tools/mail-delivery-services/redirection. You’ll need to enter your identification and have a RealMe login (the same login you use for other government services such as IRD and MSD). One $17 redirection covers up to 12 names, so you have the whole family covered.

Tell corporations you’ve changed your address with the click of a few buttons

Again at NZ Post, the online tool Change lets you tell over 60 businesses your new address, and it doesn’t cost anything.

Change is slightly different from Redirect. Once you enter your name and date of birth, you set your move in date. You’re then asked who you’d like to notify. The system lets you notify your change of address to:

  • Your power, gas and utilities provider
  • Charities
  • Your educational institutes
  • Government
  • Banks
  • Iwi
  • Shopping / retail / loyalty companies

Mover’s checklist: handy tips if you need a Whangarei rental property, flat or house to lease

2-3 months before moving house…

  • If you’re renting, verbally inform your landlord that you intend to move – check if your lease is fixed-term or periodic. This helps determine whether or not you can give notice.
  • Estimate your total moving costs. Many websites for Northland moving companies have quote calculators.
  • Start packing items you don’t use often, label each box. You may wish to use a packing worksheet to track what’s in each box and so at the far end you can account for the location of everything precious to you.

30 days before the move

  • Confirm your schedule for moving out with your property manager, real estate agent or landlord. The landlord needs at least 21 days written notice if you are renting and have a periodic lease.
  • Get utilities and services disconnected at the old address and set up at the new address. Don’t forget to notify Northwaste if you need a green bin for your rubbish!
  • Start cleaning the house as soon as possible – you may not have a lot of time for this on moving day.
  • The fridge and freezer may need defrosting once unplugged
  • The current owners of the property you will be moving into might need to be contacted regarding keys or alarm or schedule
  • Sufficient cash to cover any expenses on moving day is important, or perhaps just ask the moving company if they expect to be paid immediately.
  • Settle any outstanding bills.

On the day of moving house

  • Work out the final meter reading for your electricity/gas/water. Take new meter readings at the new house.
  • Reserve parking space for the moving truck. Don’t let the truck up the driveway if it’s liable to hit power lines.
  • Finish any cleaning and remove all rubbish.
  • Oversee anything essential with the moving truck driver.
  • If moving into a rental property, take note of any issues/damage to the property that were there when you moved in – make sure you give a copy of this to your landlord. It can affect bond down the track if you don’t take care of this.

Your Whangarei rental experts are here to help. Email info@rentalexperts.co.nz, phone 09 459 7139 and keep an eye on Facebook.com/Rental Experts and Rental Experts on TradeMe for the latest listings.