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Private Rental Properties Whangarei: Choosing the Ideal Tenant

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Tenant behavior can bring out the best, or the worst in a property. Some tenants have home nesting instincts that are admirable; they make your rental look cozy, warm and clean (which is how you want your property rental to flourish). These per se are valuable tenants, they are keepers for the long-term if they choose to stay and extend their tenancies.

However, on the flipside, there are bad tenant behaviour and this can run the gamut from picking out fights with neighbors and not cleaning their living areas at all. This worrisome behavior with certain tenants can keep you up at night; you may start fussing over the unkempt rental, worrying how it can attract pests, such as mice, rodents and roaches, ultimately bringing down the value of your rental property.

Screening for the Best Tenants for your Whangarei Property

For starters, it’s easy to screen for tenants with good financial standing, ensuring that they can pay you on time, is one of the reasons they received the rental placement. However, there is no sure fire way to screen for lazy and inconsiderate tenants, that’s a screening technique that would require an intuitive and skilled eye, someone like a property agent who has done a lot of tenant screening applications, interviews and property rental showings. It is only during this period that certain nuances of tenant behavior can reveal itself.

Case in point, a tenant arriving drunk for a rental showing is definitely a red flag or that seeing their parked car is littered with food leftovers and garbage in the backseat is a clear sign that they might be too busy and unable to clean up a rental. If they can’t be responsible for a small space such as their own car, how can you expect them to keep your rental property clean?

Reading people is both an earned skill and a natural gift. A property manager has honed this talent for tenant assessment over numerous years. Moreover, a property manager can spare you the trouble and hassle of dealing with such tenants by turning them down in the first place. The goal is to get quality tenants, the responsible ones that will clean up after themselves and are considerate enough of their neighbours as well. You need tenants like these to stay compliant and within health standards. Unruly tenants will often damage the home severely, with the deposit unlikely covering the expense of the rental damage.

When you’re a landlord, you’re always thinking steps ahead to stay on top of everything, but that can get tiring after sometime. This is especially true when managing the rental properties that are far away from your main residence. But you don’t always have to be in the driver’s seat to stay in control, you can allow someone to care enough about your rental property as passionately as you do. That’s what reliable and trusted property managers are for!

Whether you own a small home, an apartment or multi-level luxury home, we can manage and professionally run your rental for you. We offer complete rental management services in Whangarei. We are RentalsCo

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