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Landlord Property Agent Whangarei

Landlord Property Agent Whangarei
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Landlord Property Agent Whangarei

Have you noticed nice properties in incredible locations, having tenant turnovers? Why so? A great property doesn’t automatically assure financial success unless it is managed successfully by a good landlord or a property agent.

When a Whangarei property is run by an efficient property agent – the likes of Rentals.Co –  you can look forward to tenants staying for the long-term, and you can expect the property upkeep to be excellent.

A good landlord property agent understands what it takes to manage tenants, even the most difficult ones. Such property managers devote their time keeping up with tenant issues and requests, and ensure overall rental property repairs are on schedule. They do not let maintenance problems get out of hand. They know how to balance their major property management responsibilities with the minor ones.

Landlords and property agents – is there a big difference?

One thing that seems to confuse tenants is the existence of a property agent. Some landlords choose to take the backseat on some of their properties and just take the role of property owner. They don’t want to take on the daily responsibilities at their rental property so they hire out a Whangarei property agent or property managers, and for good reasons. A landlord may have multiple properties in Northland or may live in another city altogether managing another business. Being there for their tenants all the time would just be outright impossible for them. Property agents can deliver exceptional results and are easier to access than landlords due to their role being solely to manage rental properties.

Landlord Property Agent Whangarei

What is a Landlord Property Agent?

A Landlord Property Agent is someone who can legally act on behalf of the landlord to oversee the day-to-day running of the property. They are usually the face tenants are familiar with, as they remain the main point of contact for rent collections and repairs.  

Tenants living in a property handled by a property agent can expect prompt replies to their requests, and generally, everything they agreed upon is outlined in the tenancy agreement. Best of all, reputable landlord property agents know tenancy legislation. Rentals.Co not only knows the legislation, they encourage and support independent review of their practices.

When to Hire a Property Manager

It’s a question most property owners wrestle with: “Should I manage my own rental property, or should I let someone handle the work?”

There’s always the issue of time. Do you have a lot of it to spare between several properties?

When going at it alone becomes a struggle, there are property agents you can hire that are ready to take on the challenge. You may want to do a trial phase or look at their property management history and see what they’re able to handle for you. Services may range from:

Consider it an introductory service of which they can do a small number of basic, but important tasks such as finding and screening tenants for any vacant rental unit. 

You can rely on your property agent to do the heavy lifting from basic responsibilities to time-consuming paperwork such as drawing up contracts, processing applications, conducting final walkthroughs and credit searches. 

Many hire property managers for this reason alone, interacting with tenants for rent payments can get tedious and complicated. 

This is a full-service daily management of a rental property from rent collection, repairs, paperwork and turnovers. You are hiring them to make spot decisions for you and ensure they evict tenants as well as attend tribunal for you.

Wherever your property is in Whangarei, Rentals.Co will take good care of it.

We manage multi-block or single unit rental properties. For a better business outcome, go for a property management firm in Whangarei that cares. Calls us at RentalsCo 09 459 7139 or email us your queries at info@rentalexperts.co.nz