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Landlord Property Agent: Screening for the Best Tenants for your Whangarei Property

screening for the best tenants for your whangarei property 01
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Any landlord worth his or her salt knows it’s best to avoid tenants with a glaring history of rental gaps. If you’ve been working in the real estate rental business long enough, you know there are tenants who are good at concealing their previous rental records. Weeding them out takes due diligence and a lot of hard work. As a landlord who rents their property directly, how rigorous is your screening process? For one, how long does it take for you as a landlord to approve a rental application? Do you have access to background and credit checking information?

One of the most common scenarios landlords can relate to is, unfortunately, renting out the property to a bad tenant. It can happen even to the most discerning landlord, and most especially to new property investors.

To avoid such situation, you can let a landlord property agent or a trusted property management firm here in Whangarei to handle your tenancy screening.

Most Northland property agents are well-honed in fishing out dubious tenants; it takes years of experience in the field and local knowledge in the property industry to know whether a tenant is a suitable one for the property.

Having a ‘landlord property agent’ on call means there is someone who can tend to both parties’ needs. A neutral presence that represents your best interest as a property owner, while on the other side, serves as an attentive and approachable professional that tenants can rely on.

Finding the Middle Ground

Screening for the Best Tenants for your Whangarei Property

A landlord and tenant relationship doesn’t need to be rocky or strained. That is a stereotype. There are many good tenancy relationships that start and end well; this is mostly built through the communication strength and hard work of skilled landlord property agents. They always care enough to mitigate and find the middle ground that will benefit the landlord and keep the tenants happy.

Tenant Screening is a Prime Priority

screening for the best tenants for your whangarei property 02

A good tenant match results in long-term tenants and less vacancies.

A reliable landlord property agent will always have the vacancy factor in mind. After market comparisons in your area, they will come up with the ideal rate to attract high-calibre tenants. Their goal is to have potential tenants lined up and ready to move in. It’s not always about obtaining the highest rental rates possible but rather working with you to acquire the best value for your rental unit while seeking the best tenants available. This even includes managing the transition period at the end of the last tenancy, as the rental unit will need a good number of repairs and upgrades to make it look pristine and ready for its next occupant. This long-term approach provides long term rental yields.

A landlord property agent can handle this turnover seamlessly and even draw up the new tenancy agreement which states all your guidelines as a landlord whilst ensuring they are legal and allowed. Best of all, if you hired your landlord property agent under a full-service contract, you can expect them to enforce your rules and make the rent collection on your behalf.

Finding the best tenants is the best way a landlord property agent can protect you. A bad tenant can cause all sorts of irreparable damage to your rental property that a rigid insurance policy might unfortunately not cover when you file a repair claim. The consequence of having the wrong kind of tenant can result in costly repairs, property devaluation and high-risk for losses.

Don’t be trapped in a tenancy agreement with a problematic tenant. Hire a keen property agent to do your tenancy screenings, and let them do a thorough review and run a comprehensive selection process for you.

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