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An online tool for finding the right rental revenue

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Are you looking for a rental property to invest in?

One way to begin the search is to use one of the online suburb-seeking tools offered by banks to speed up the process of identifying which suburbs you have the most buying power in.

For example, at suburbseeker.asb.co.nz, you simply enter in your budget (type in the amount you have, the amount you can borrow, or the amount you expect to sell your house for) then select the suburb you’d like to buy in. The software will return an estimation of what percentage of properties you can buy in the suburb with your budget, what the median value is, and how much and how often property values change there. For example, type in that you have $1,000,000 to spend in Otangarei and Suburb Seeker says you can afford 100% of properties there. However that same million lets a person afford fewer than a quarter of the properties in Remuera – where the median property price is given as $1.75m. Basically, look out for a nice high affordability percentage (50-100 percent) and that tells you the ideal places to buy.

The team at Rental Experts not only handle the management of rental properties, they help landlords and investors find out how to capitalise on one of the most reliable investments there is: bricks and mortar residential property.

Rental property services offered include:

  • Appraisals to help you make the most of the market rent of your property
  • Maximising the return on your investment in the property
  • Managing your portfolio of properties
  • Connecting you with expert accounting advice
  • Getting tenants in who are the best fit for your property
  • Taking care of property maintenance